Established in 1982 as a partnership, the Company has been selling quality welding rods since then. In 1995, Cro-Magnon Corporation, was Incorporated and it continues to advance with an even stronger commitment to offering quality welding rods at competitive price in the whole Philippines.

Cro-Magnon Corporation, dedicates itself to providing quality welding rods, Engineers Polymer, (for repair, restore, rebuild and reclaim industrial equipment and machineries) and technical services of the highest quality and reliability, consistent with its commitment to meet needs and expectations of its customers.

cromagnoncorp magna


Welding Alloys is a premium brand for critical repairs of equipment and parts, it provides greater versatility, greater physical properties and greater ease of applications. Specialising in T.I.G, Gas and Arc welding electrode.

cromagnoncorp magna


Cold Welding Polymers is a premium brand for advanced polymer, polyurethane based and anaerobic “cold repair” solutions for rebuilding, restoring,reclaiming, repairing damaged parts without heat input.

cromagnoncorp corium


Industrial Chemicals is a premium brand made from finest base elements, painstakingly formulated for the maintenance of machines, equipment, vehicles, building and grounds of today’s demanding operations specialising in industrial, chemicals and adhesives.

cromagnoncorp kema


Preventive Maintenance Aerosols is a complementary range of aerosols from ITW Spraytec-Denmark specialising in lubricating and penetrating, cleaning, corrosion protection etc.

cromagnoncorp omega


Specialty Lubricants – premium brand that provides solution to adverse operating conditions including high and low temperature extremes, high speeds, high loads and severe contamination. Specialising in lubricants, oils and specialty products

cromagnoncorp professionalism


Cro-Magnon Corporation, engage exclusively in distributing quality welding rods and Engineers Polymer servicing a Wide Array of Clients all through-out the Philippines, be it heavy, medium or even the smallest type of Industries.


cromagnoncorp innovation


Cro-Magnon Corporation, is fully represented by well-trained sales personnel and technical representative. Innovative product lines to meet the changing demands of time, strive continuously for innovation and technical excellence, faithful to theses ideas in the quest for growth and progress.