Omega specialty lubricants are probably the finest line of Quality Oils, Greases and Additives in the world.

Omega specialty lubricants are generally made from premium and limited source Paraffinic-type base oils because of their naturally higher viscosity index, stability and purity. Besides, Omega specialty lubricants contain scientifically-developed exclusive supplements called - "Megalites". These supplements are a technologically-advanced family of exclusive and unique agents designed to provide maximum protection for costly machinery, vehicles & plant equipment.
Omega supplies Total Concept Lubricants engineered and developed with the single aim of enabling machinery to perform more efficiently, with less wear and extended service life.


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omega 57
"Super Bearing Grease". Forms a wear-arresting film on rollers, balls and races which seal out dirt, dust, mud and water. Will not channel to outer bearings and has a minimum dropping point of 249°C.
omega 58
"Superior Food Machinery Grease". For food processing and handling equipment. Withstands cold temperatures, steam and extreme heat. Melting point is in excess of 240°C. Immune to mild and concentrated acidic conditions, water and detergents. Surpasses sections 21 CFR 178.3570 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Has USDA H1 (formerly known as AA -rating
omega 580
"Superior Food Machinery Oil". Omega advanced additives chemistry makes it possible, for the first time, to produce a high-performance Pharmaceutical Grade oil. Outlasts and outperforms any ordinary pure grade oil used in food processing, abattoirs, bottling, hospitals, canneries, bakeries and laboratories.
omega 585
"Synthetic Food-Grade Chain & Gear Oil". Extended service range from -30°C to 240°C (22° to 460°F). Perfect for both high heat and refrigerated applications in food processing plant.
omega 904
"Industrial Oil Concentrate". Designed specifically to improve operational efficiency. Reduces maintenance on all industrial equipment dependent on oil lubrication. Stabilizes lubricant viscosity at all temperatures, yields improved lubricity.
omega 909
"Super Engine Oil Additive". Gives engine oil greater lubricity to provide effective lubrication from the first revolution. Improves compression, controls oil consumption and prevents excessive wear. New flip-top can packaging now available.